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New Formula

On July 23, 2010, four Dean’s List students at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology’s School of Computer Science broke the code. They knew the major profits were to be made in wagering on professional and college football, basketball, and baseball. So, they begin focusing on advanced regression equations analyzing tens of thousands of games, plays, and individual performance by every team.

On, August 1, 2010, medling some of the most advanced technology currently utilized by NASA spaceflight simulators and the NOAA with their own proprietary equations, the four MIT students broke the code for predicting the outcomes of sporting events. They called their system the iWin Prediction Technology.

On December 1, 2012, they brought their secret iWin system to legendary sports consultant Mike Rosen. Their goal: to multiply their profits by selling their picks nationwide to select “beards” who could play where the students could not. During the first 8 weeks of games, the ­iWin Technology had a goal of hitting at a 75% success rate, which not only did it achieve, but it smashed the mark by going 18-2 over that period. After those results were confirmed, Mike Rosen quickly adopted the system, paying a lucrative price to acquire their iWIN Technology System, while still maintaing the system's core creators to join his team.

Now, I defy any old-fashioned finger-in-the-air, wing-and-a-prayer scamdicappers to come anywhere near that incredible computer-generated, money-multiplying record! Each week, the iWin computer Whiz Squad give surefire picks that have been processed through seven separate computer programs: computer simulations, regression equations, vector analysis – the works. I toss them to my players. They toss them at the Books. And just like computer clockwork, the Books fork over my guys’ cash killings!

The iWin Prediction Technology was carefully crafted by four MIT computer Whiz Squad who had already swept the books in Vegas with their computer program using a combinatorial system for selecting winners, but to maximize their profits they needed the high-end clientele of Unit Betting System. Then, they realized that the really BIG money was in picking highstakes winners, and with the help of Mr. Rosen's consulting, they were able to achieve this. They took a full year – 24/7/365 -- to develop a fool-proof system for breaking the bank.

These guys aren’t dummies (after all, they actually are rocket scientists) So they quickly realized that instead of having four guys make what to them was a little money, why not have thousands of guys make a lot of money. So they came to Unit Betting System with a plan to provide their formula to the high-end bettors of the world. They knew that I had tens of thousands of savvy players who know a great thing when they see one. I watched them work their computer magic. I saw the winners spew forth game after game. And now, I guarantee you that you are going to make more money with iWin system than any other player with any other system on the face of the earth!

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Ivy League Betting

Documented Actions

  • 2/17: North Carolina -1
  • 2/16: Oregon -9
  • 2/15: UCONN -6.5
  • 2/14: SMU -7
  • 2/13: Creighton -8
  • 2/12: Richmond +2.5
  • 2/11: Notre Dame -4
  • 2/10: Maryland +11
  • 2/9: Temple + 8